Located in one of the bluest and most exclusive areas in the South of Bahia, the charming Brisas do Espelho Inn is set in an idyllic spot on a cliff top, between the villages of Trancoso and Caraíva and is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of three white sand beaches- Espelho, Outeiro and Amores.

In low tide small pools form on the vast stretch of sand creating water mirrors, hence the name of the place and the reason for so many people to travel to it: to “see their own reflections in the mirror”.  The Inn also has a wall full of mirrors which reflect beautiful royal blues and water-greens – the colors of the sea.

As you step onto the soft sand of the beach you enter another world where time moves slower, where discovering the ocean and yourself is natural and inevitable.  Here luxury is having time and serenity; sophistication and simplicity in one.

Our hope is that every detail of our Inn conveys the warmth and joy of Bahia through an atmosphere of natural and delicate beauty which will make you feel at home.



Here at Brisas do Espelho Inn we organize different activities for you to enjoy the region and have a unique experience.


Our rooms are large and comfortable, with large windows and natural lighting we have 12 contemporary Suites and 7 Villa Suites