Brisas do Espelho Inn

Address: Condominio Outeiro das Brisas, Trancoso, Porto Seguro – BA
Phone: +55 73 99967 9309


Phone: +55 11 94126 9292 | +55 73 99967-9309

how to get there

There are daily flights between the main Brazilian cities and Porto Seguro. From Porto Seguro to Outeiro das Brisas Condominium there are several route options:

By car: By car: Those who choose to go from Porto Seguro to Praia do Espelho by car (rent a car at the airport), the journey is about 70km in total and will take about 1h30m. There are two routes; each takes a similar amount of time.

Leaving Porto Seguro, you can follow the road that borders the coast and take the ferryboat to pass to Arraial D’Ajuda and arrive in Trancoso or take the BR-367.

Both get you to Trancoso’s roundabout, where the bumpy but beautiful 26 km dirt road starts. Along the way, there is a breeding buffalo farm, and, in Imbiriba village, you can see the houses of Pataxó Indians, who often display their handicrafts on the roadside. Although you will at times feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, signs will help a lot and you shouldn’t get lost.

By transfer: There is an outsourced service which costs R$ 300.00 each way (Porto Seguro to Brisas do Espelho Inn, or vice versa). Between 22h to 06h the cost is $ 350.00 per journey. Please advise flight details if you would like this option and it will be arranged to co-ordinate with your arrival or departure time.

By air: A 12-minute scenic flight with a single-engine airplane or a helicopter to the Condominium airfield, which is 1,700 m long and is approved to receive certain types of aircraft.

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