the place

“Smile with pleasure, you´re in Trancoso.” It is very easy to understand this popular local saying. Dramatic cliffs, tilting palm trees, vast white sand, a calm sea of crystal clear waters, colorful coral reefs, rivers and mangroves- nature inviting us to connected to it and to ourselves.

The Outeiro das Brisas Condominium, in which the pousada is located, lies on a cliff top with views to the stunning beaches of Espelho, Outeiro and Amores.  Bright sun and blue skies prevail practically all year round, with rainfall evenly distributed across the year. Even during hot weather, a breeze flows free and constantly relieving humidity and refreshing visitors not used to high temperatures.

The ocean is calm and warm, with amenable climate. The Inn and the beaches are set between the fashionable village of Trancoso and isolated Caraiva, which can be reached by canoe.


praia do espelho (mirror beach)

400 meters from the Inn
Framed by cliffs and palm trees, this gentle beach of clear water is famous for its reefs and by the turquoise and emerald water. Flat, perfect for walking and long dives, the beach gets small pools when the tide, forming bright water mirrors. On the way, there are several restaurants and friendly bars where you can enjoy fish and seafood snacks, or sipping some coconut water, watching the sunset.

praia dos amores (love beach)

500 meters from the Inn
Between two cliff edges, the small beach gets even more charm by the legend that gave rise to its name: at high tide, many couples who used to go up there to date were trapped and isolated by water. To reach this haven, it is only a short walk from the left edge of Curuípe Beach, at low tide — always keeping an eye on the tides, to know the time to come back.

praia do outeiro (knoll beach)

700 meters from the Inn
The most deserted of the beaches is exclusive of Outeiro das Brisas Condominium. There are no stalls or kiosks, except Clube do Outeiro (Knoll Club), which serves the guests at Brisas do Espelho Inn. It is also known as Praia de Setiquara (Setiquara Beach), it is surrounded by reefs and it is excellent for snorkeling at low tide.


Trancoso is 26 km (30 mins by car) from Brisas do Espelho and is considered one of the oldest Jesuit settlements in the world. It is said that there by the Rio dos Frades (the Frades River) is where Pedro Alvares Cabral´s fleet landed in 1500. Decades later in 1586 the Jesuits would erect St John the Baptist´s Church, a landmark of the Quadrado; an enormous lawn surrounded by colorful houses, where all the action happens. This square in the heart of the village was declared a National Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The former fishing village seems to have stopped in time until the 70´s, when hippies discovered the area. Today it is internationally renowned for its art and crafts, gastronomy and fashion boutiques. The village also boasts the best night life in southern Bahia contributing to its trendy and hip but relaxed atmosphere. 

At night, the Quadrado is lantern and candle-lit and people relax by the tables of bars and restaurants. The sea reflects the silver moon in the starry nights and with a strike of luck one can see a shooting star.



25 km from the Inn between the river and the sea lies Caraíva, this charming village with a population of 600 people. Narrow, car free, soft sand streets, where luggage is carried by carts. Life in Caraíva moves slowly, following the rhythm of the river; full bodied at times, shallower at others, forever changing the look of the place. 

As electricity power has only been recently installed, the streets are dimly lit, but quiet. Be prepared to dance the Forró, eat local fare and take a walk on the scorching hot sand – a good pair of flip-flops is a must!). 

Caraíva´s beach carries the same name with bars and restaurants which get busy during the high season. Satu and Juracema, the other beaches in the area are accessible only by hiking trails or by boat, depending on the tide.


local culture


Bahian culture is one of the richest in the country, a cross between native Indian, Portuguese and African. Bahia boasts a diversity of religious, culinary and musical practices, a true journey through Brazilian history. 

From monumental churches to pictures countryside towns, through Candomblé and ritual local folklore, the state unfolds in festivities and colorful celebrations.

It is no coincidence that Bahia is known as the “land of happiness”, in the verses of Caetano Veloso, one of its most illustrious sons. Bahia of Yemanjá, of the Bonfim ribbon bracelets, of all saints and Orixas. The land of Capoeira, the Moqueca (fish and seafood stew) and the Acarajé.  At Brisas do Espelho Inn, the guest can feel Bahia´s unique blend of energy, rhythm and flavours.


Here at Brisas do Espelho we care about the search for environmental balance.  Starting with our architectural design which is fully integrated with its surrounds, use of reforested wood and local raw materials. 

The local community benefits from this concern. We support the Arte Itaporanga Institute and their social inclusion work, bringing children in contact with art. 

Everything here revolves around employee development and training, supporting local labor and artisans and the use of fresh produce, grown and harvested in the area, according to seasonality.